My Personal Weather Machine

This might alarm some people... but the fact of the matter is that I have the power to change weather patterns based on if I have my camera with me or not.

the weather


my camera

The world seems to glow with the fires of fifty burning suns. The temperature is always pleasant and it’s always calm with just the right amount of cloud cover.

scenery without my camera

the weather


my camera

What it would look like if Tim Burton made a movie about nuclear winter. This happens to me even when the forecast calls for “mostly sunny with periods of rainbows”.

scenery with my camera

I used to seriously believe this was happening to me. These days I remind myself that if the weather was crazy beautiful all the time no one would want to look at nature photographs (they'd probably switch their desktop backgrounds to wookies juggling rabid ewoks). Although now that I think about it a wookie juggling rabid ewoks would be pretty cool.

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