The best and worst features of smart phones as they apply to the outdoors and nature photography

  • As an alarm clock

    > Jump out of bed to the sound of an air raid siren and experience awakeness that only terror-adrenaline can provide
  • As a flashlight

    > Brightness and colour can be adjusted in pinpoint increments allowing you to light-paint with the precision of a robot surgeon
  • As a topographical map

    > Now you don't have to make up names for those mountains or creeks in your pictures (I believe that is Mt taco... stand)
  • As an astronomical guide

    > With experience you could probably identify major constellations such as the sun or other outerspace features like the moon
  • As a camera

    > Sharp prints if you're making a stamp gallery
    > In low light situations it compares well to a mid-range DSLR (with the lens cap on)
  • As a compass

    > Using this as a piece of navigation equipment is as smart as scratching your nose with a chainsaw
    > If a scout caught you using this in the woods they'd get a badge for kicking you in the crotch

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