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Views of nature's good side captured in Alberta and Western Canada.

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I have lots of stories to share, tips to give, and nude photos (of my dog).

Lake O'Hara Fall 2013 Trip

It wasn't easy but this year I finally got a reservation at the Lake O'Hara campground and had the privelage of spending a couple very cold nights freezing to death on top of a very beautiful mountain / hiking area.

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You never know what you'll see around the next bend in the trail; a calm lake, sun breaking through the trees, or perhaps a mountain goat riding a jet ski. When the lighting is right these scenes come alive and I capture them creatively with my camera.

For me being out in the wilderness is super fun-ness bigtime! Alongside the photos there are pretty words describing the adventures that coincide with a nature photographer's lifestyle. These tales are sexy, interesting, funny, angry, and a whole lot of other things.

Proudly Canadian

I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada. I am heavily influenced by Canadian symbolism and feel patriotic whenever I see mounties, mooses, or maple syrup.

I am very proud of where I live and my heritage. When I think of Canada I picture unspoiled wilderness, mountains, wildlife and natural beauty.

Local Landscapes

The work comes from the Canadian Rockies, the Alberta Prairies, and the Pacific Northwest. I make a conscious effort to keep my subject matter narrowed to the local landscape but you never know, maybe one day I'll have a gallery full of pelvic thrusting polar bear pictures. Many of the pictures you'll see were practically taken in my backyard.

Helpful Articles

You'll never see me say that a camera lens is so incredible that it walks your dog and doubles on sax!

Instead I try to be open and honest about processing and techniques to promote landscape photography. I'm motivated by contributing to the community not by a marketing plan.

The Environment

Being environmentally friendly is important to me and that's why this website was handcrafted with eco-friendly code and nature-inspired designs.

I try to support companies that promote sustainability and help protect the outdoors. I also do my part by staying on trails, not littering, and being a good forest visitor.

Time spent outdoors is never wasted.

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