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Yoho National Park

Winter Comes Early

Two boats docked on a very calm Lake O'Hara in winter

Herbert Lake Alberta

Herbert Lake

Mountains reflected in Herbert Lake on a calm autumn day

Banff National Park

Cascade Ponds

An unusually pink sunrise over Cascade Ponds near Banff

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Dec 21, 2013

Lake O'Hara Fall Trip

I finally got a reservation at the Lake O'Hara campground and had the privilege of spending a couple very cold nights freezing in a tent.

You never know what you'll see around the next bend in the trail; a calm lake, sun breaking through the trees, or perhaps a mountain goat riding a jet ski. When the lighting is right these scenes come alive and I capture them creatively with my camera.

For me being out in the wilderness is super fun-ness bigtime! Alongside the photos there are pretty words describing the adventures that coincide with a nature photographer's lifestyle. These tales are sexy, interesting, funny, angry, and a whole lot of other things.


I recognize the Indigenous people who lived, and continue to live, on this land since time immemorial.

Treaty 7 signatories include the Siksika Nation, Piikani Nation, Kainai Nation, the Îethka Stoney Nakoda Nation — consisting of the Chiniki, Bearspaw, and Good Stoney Bands — the people of the Tsuut’ina Nation and the Métis people of Alberta Region 3.


Growing up in Canada, I am heavily influenced by Canadian symbolism and feel patriotic whenever I see Canadian geese, moose(s), maple syrup, or ketchup chips.

When I think of Canada I picture unspoiled wilderness, mountains, wildlife and natural beauty. If I could take photos anywhere in the world I would choose my own backyard.


I don't want to be famous and I'm not here to hawk my wares. You'll never see me say that a camera lens is so incredible that it walks your dog and doubles on sax! Instead I encourage people to learn about nature and be present outdoors. I'm motivated by helping others find balance through lived experiences and not by marketing plans or capitalism.


Like many people who enjoy nature, minimizing my carbon footprint is something I'm conscious of. Staying on trails, leaving zero trace, and not littering go without saying.

Being informed and paying attention to the actions of governments and industry is critical. I believe what we do on the land, and our relationship with it, defines who we are.

Time spent outdoors is never wasted