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I'm Vince

A software developer who loves the outdoors, design, and art. It was only a matter of time before I figured out that I could combine all of my hobbies into one mega-hobby that I've dubbed phodlor. Nowadays, my passion for phodlor takes me to beautiful places during the "magic hours" when scenery looks its best.

Vincent Piotrowski

Although the act of taking photos is more exciting than practicing choke holds on a grizzly bear it's being out in nature that's the real draw for me.

I don't consider myself a pro but I strive to shoot at an adept level. My favorite photos show landscapes in new ways, usually complemented with vibrant colour, and characteristics of surrealism.

Most of my work is captured from the Alberta Prairies and the Canadian Rockies and is pretty wide-open as far as post-processing goes. Part of the joy of photography is seeing other people's work that inspires me.

Modern Times

I originally built this site over a decade ago and my hobbies have evolved. Although I still appreciate nature, I have found new ways to spend time (and money).

Bird Nerds Logo


At some point in my life, I decided that I really liked looking for birds and photographing them. I built a website, with my partner Sandra, dedicated to our adventures in birding.

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I'm a software developer and this website is a chance to work on my craft. The code, design, and icons are custom and handcrafted with love. The stack is Sanity CMS, Next.js 14, Tailwind CSS, and GitHub for all things dev-ops related.

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Cycling Vince


Another thing that happened to me, which I never expected, was becoming a serious road cyclist. At my age I'm not going to join The Tour de France but I love exploring new places and meeting new people on two wheels.

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