Winters in Alberta are long, dark, and cold. As the seasons transition and the first signs of Spring appear you'd expect much rejoicing. Don't be fooled; Spring is the worst season of them all. Now I know what you're thinking: Spring is an enchanting wonder where birds chirp, dew laden grasses turn green, and fields of flowers bloom. If that's how you picture Spring you're not from Alberta. Allow me to enlighten you.

The weather is literally insane

Spring can't decide if it should be cold or hot and it changes its mind on an almost daily basis. When the temperature shifts past the freezing point it feels extra cold because everyone is starting to expect warmer temperatures. I feel like yelling "WARM UP GOD DAMNIT! WHY MUST YOU TEASE ME WITH SUNSHINE AND WARMTH?" In the colder months you simply put on your parka and go about your daily business.

The flowers are a lie

With so much mountain run-off you'd expect to see lush foliage everywhere but it's not the case. The truth is Alberta is about as vibrant as a cardboard box during Spring. Usually I use this time to work on my website, plan summer shoots, or take a trip South because the local landscape is scruffy and bland. We won't see leaves or flowers here until at least the middle of May... if we're lucky. Maybe the lack of photo opportunities is responsible for my bitter attitude towards the season.

The real signs of Spring

People think of Spring as a time of new life and rebirth but it's actually the opposite. Rivers and creeks become deadly as they flood their banks with melting snow. The mosquito population explodes and we're left to suffer at the hands of the terrible beasts (hate them so much).

The one redeeming quality

It's been too warm to ski and too cold to cycle but Summer is just around the corner. Soon all the mud will dry up, it will stay warm, and we can go camping, hiking, fishing, and all that good stuff. It happens overnight; all of a sudden the grass is green and the trees have leaves. Those four or five days between Spring and Autumn are an absolute treat.

Technical Notes

This puddle used to be on my way to work. On this particular morning the sky was lighting up as I was getting ready for my commute.

he technique I used was blending 3 exposures in Photoshop. Practice is an essential part to getting better.